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We did our best to design for you a quality Capoeira pant that allows you to move comfortably while keeping its elegant shape on your body.
Please share your comments, as we are interested in your feedback. This will contribute to a continuous improvement in our quality and in serving you efficiently.
Our team of designers are preparing very special surprises that will enhance the world of the capoeira to heights that would reflect its elegance and its beautiful spirituality.

Written by Abner Bagdadi — March 10, 2012

Salve Capoeiristas

Under the patronage of Mestre Amen Santo, Axé Wear proudly presents our new collection of White Capoeira Pants.

Throughout his years teaching Capoeira, Mestre Amen has seen all sorts of pants and has gained an understanding for what is considered a good capoeira pant. He met with a team of experts, to review how to make a simple capoeira pant SPECIAL. His first note was that there needs to be a different fit for youth, women, and men. Secondly, he was concerned about the quality of the fabric, and finally, he wanted the production and delivery method to be well done, quick, and efficient.

With the team of experts we developed Axé Wear's White Capoeira Pant collection carefully reviewing each step of the production:

The fabric selected is woven with a special technology that allows the pants to shape the body in a flattering way.

Sizes are carefully studied so each gender and size can feel comfortable and alluring in their pants.

Made in the USA by professionals, assuring the best quality.

We carry all sizes in stock for immediate deliveries and are able to put a silk screen of your school's logo very quickly.